Crissman Taylor

  • Alexander technique teacher, violinist and classical singer
  • Classical musician with 30 years of professional performance experience.
  • Studied violin at the Manhattan School of Music 1979-1983 in the class of Raphael Bronstein.
  • Qualified as a classical mezzo-soprano from The Netherlands Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music in 1995 holding degrees in teaching and performance.
  • In 1989 she received her license as a teacher of the Alexander Technique from the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique London (STAT) after completing the required three years full-time study at the Boston Centre for the Alexander Technique (USA).
  • Since 1991 she has been teaching the Alexander Technique at the Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music, where she founded the Utrecht Alexander Technique Institute for Musicians in 1996.
  • During 2002-2006 she conducted there the ground breaking research for violinists that combined Alexander Technique and custom made chin rests and shoulder rests to improve playing comfort and technique –  Using the knowledge and equipment developed during this research, in recent years her clients have included members of major orchestras such as the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and others.

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